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Information about Neuromarts+


About Neuromarts+


Welcome to the Neuromarts+ Community

We believe the best way to learn about cultures and differences is to visit local market places. We look forward to connecting and networking with you.

Neuromarts+ is a Multi-Vendor Market Place powered by persons who identify as Autistic, Neurodiverse, Disabled, LBGTQA+, POC, Women and/or members of any minority groups. Serving over 200 countries and 26 currencies.

  Neuromarts+ now offers a free platform to individuals or micro-enterprises to showcase their art or advertise their products, services, and/or websites with no obligation to sell directly on Neuromarts+.

Neuromarts+ mission is to be part of the solution by growing our socially responsible for profit model that unites the minority and connects the majority. We will continue to accomplish this by breaking down barriers to gainful employment as the one-stop multi-vendor platform to hire, buy, sell, find talent and resources which has a socially responsible impact.

To help our Neuromarts+ community grow, individuals and micro-enterprises who wish to sell directly, or on Neuromarts+ will not be charged Neuromarts+ standard 7% merchant fee until January 2021. In 2021 we will continue to offer a free platform for those who do not wish to sell directly on Neuromarts+ but will start charging a 7% merchant fee for those who wish to take advantage of continuing to sell directly through the Neuromarts+ platforms. Neuromarts+ 7% merchant fees will provide the additional opportunity for both sellers and buyers to have give back to our larger global community and vote where 65% of the 7% merchant fees are to be donated while contributing 35% of the 7% merchant fees towards hiring a NeuroCrew & administration.

Who runs the Neuromarts+?

Neuromarts+ Crew identifies as Neurodiverse, Disabled and or member of a Minority group.  Currently, the Neuromarts+ Crew are volunteers from across the world, and sit on the Human Services Network Inc. in Canada.  Please note; Human Services Network Inc. currently has zero full-time paid employees.  

Sign up for free to become a Member of our Community.   Each Member is provided with their own profile page, the ability to leave reviews and communicate with other members via personal inboxes. Membership may be revoked and is subject to Neuromarts+ terms of use and privacy policies. Learn more by visiting our how to start buying, selling and/or showcasing visit 

Neuromarts+ How it works page.

Are you interested in helping each-other grow? 

Buy the Neuromarts+ Crew a Ko-FI or contact us directly about other opportunities.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate 

please contact us and let us know how best to reach you.