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Information about Neuromarts+

How it works

How does Neuromarts+ Work?

Sign up for free to become a part of the Neuromarts+ Community.

Neuromarts+ community takes safety very seriously and require all buyers, sellers and/or members using the site to showcase, network and support our community to register as an official members before interacting with members directly. At this time Neuromarts+ does not offer verification status on VIP accounts.

Each member is provided with their own profile page, the ability to leave reviews, ratings score and communicate with other members via personal inboxes. Membership may be revoked and is subject to Neuromarts+ terms of use and privacy policies.

Neuromarts+ is intended solely for people eighteen (18) years of age or older and any registration, use, or access to the service by anyone under 18 without the direct supervision of an eligible registered user is strictly prohibited. Neuromarts+ reserves the right to limit or restrict access by any person, in our sole discretion. (Please note that children under the age of 18 may use this site for educational purposes under the direct supervision of a guardian)

Each registered member is entitled to attend the yearly Neuromarts+ AGM in person or virtually. Every voting members who buys and sells directly on Neuromarts+ within the fiscal year of Neuromarts+ AGM is entitled to vote on allocation of Neuromarts+ merchant fee profits to agreed upon eligible non- profits and community goals.

Who can become a Neuromarts+ Member?

Everyone is welcome to join, and support our community. Neuromarts+ currently supports over 200 countries and 26 different currencies per. terms of use.

Who can sell or showcase their work on Neuromarts+?

If you identify as Autistic, Neurodiverse, disabled, LBGTQA+, POC, Women and/or member of a minority group, you may sell and showcase your work (including build your CV, create a studio, promote your private store or website, make announcements excluding fundraisers etc. as per. Terms of use).

Buyers & Ally Membership

With Buyers & Ally memberships you can search listings and search categories by interest. Remember to check personal pages and listings to review if the member is open to sales. You can also check out their ratings and reviews, and interact directly with member pages of interest to show your support, or by contacting other members through members’ personal Neuromarts+ inbox.

Still can't find what your looking for?

Create a wanted listing as per. terms of use
Please note multiple wanted listings may be removed if art, service or product is currently listed by other Members.

How much does it cost to sell or showcase or use the site as a learning tool or register as a Member on Neuromarts+?

Neuromarts+ Members pay no membership, no landing fees and may subscribe to one of three monthly subscription $0, $5, $10 $20, $50, $100 a month.

No Merchant fee until January 2021

Re-starting in January 2021 Neuromarts+ will again start charging a 7% merchant fee on each sale. This ensures owners keep 93% of each sale before their taxes, banking and shipping fees who choose continue to sell directly on Neuromarts+.

Who can purchase directly on Neuromarts+ (although there is zero obligation to buy & sell directly on Neuromarts+)?

Only Members of Neuromarts+ with Pay Pal Accounts. When Members purchase from each other on Neuromarts+ and use Pay Pal, it "insures" both the "seller" and "buyer" transaction per Pay Policy and helps our community better safeguard everyone. To sell directly on Neuromarts+ sellers require a free merchant/business PayPal account.

All transactions are provided by Pay Pal's secure server and therefore no one should ever  request or have access to anyone else’s banking information on Neuromarts+.

There is zero obligation to sell directly on Neuromarts+

Our community is very active and will flag suspicious pages/activity, but like all online activity, user discretion is advised. Neuromarts+ does not encourage direct in-person contact, but understand that it is up to the discretion of users within the terms of use and encourage all members to follow and uphold both online and real-time community safety plans. 

Are you interested in helping each-other grow? 

Buy the Neuromarts+ Crew a Ko-FI or contact us directly about other opportunities.
If you have any questions or would like to collaborate please contact us and let us know how best to reach you.